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Adult Classes

​​Just Dance is very excited to be offering Adult Dance classes.

If it's your first time taking a dance class or you are just looking to get back into the studio, we have a class for you! 

Available Classes

Next Session begins 

Sept 2024

Schedule TBA 

6 Week Session ~ $120 +HST

A minimum of 5 dancers are needed to run a class. 

6 Reasons to Try Adult Dance Classes in Cobourg

1. It's a great workout - Dance is challenging and a great alternative to traditional aerobic exercise. You will use your whole body including muscles you forgot you had. Dance offers it all: cardio, strength training, and stretching. It increases circulation and flexibility, improves balance and coordination, and unlike most aerobic activities, dance allows you to apply these concepts through musical combinations. Beats the gym! 

2. It's recreational - Many adults are worried they will look silly. Everyone is welcome to join adult dance and NO ONE cares how you look. Everyone is too focused on themselves to watch you. 

3. It's inexpensive - As you are not pursuing an elite dance career, you aren't paying traditional tuition fees. We offer several payment options to help make it easier to get into the studio. Whether you would like to pay upfront (so you are more likely to come to class) or if you prefer to pay as you go, we have options!

4. It's social - Adult dance allows you to meet and interact with others who share a similar interest or just want to have fun.  

5. It's dedicated you time - In a world where we are all busy, running here and there, balancing kids and work, we don't often find time to focus on ourselves. Adult dance will physically and emotionally close the door to outside distractions.  

6. It challenges your mind - Your brain will constantly be challenged during dance class. You will learn new steps that will be incorporated into choreography. Learning how to connect your mind and body takes practice. 

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