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Dance Styles Offered

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We offer a wide range of dance styles in Cobourg Ontario.


"Pre-Dance (ages 2-4) is our introductory class where tiny dancers discover the magic of movement! We blend ballet and jazz fundamentals with playful fun, teaching little ones to follow directions, take turns, and blossom into independent movers. Our nurturing environment fosters patience, listening skills, and creativity, setting the stage for a lifelong love of dance!


Ballet (ages 5+) is the cornerstone of dance technique, providing a strong foundation for all other styles. Our classes, from beginner to advanced, emphasize proper technique, discipline, and tradition. Ballet training improves strength, agility, flexibility, and balance while enhancing focus, body awareness, and posture. Students learn to move with grace, poise, and confidence, developing a strong foundation for their dance journey.


Jazz (ages 5+) is a high-energy style that's all about speed, skill, and fun! This fast-paced dance form boosts coordination, cardiovascular health, and overall fitness. Our Jazz classes start with a dynamic warm-up and stretching exercises, followed by exciting skills like leaps, turns, kicks, and jumps. With a focus on technique, creativity, and musicality, Jazz dancers develop strength, flexibility, and a love for movement. Get ready to groove and shine!

Hip Hop

Hip-Hop (ages 5+) is an energetic and infectious dance style that combines street jazz, breaking, pop & lock, and step, with rich African roots. This dynamic class is all about high energy, fun, and self-expression! Dancers will learn fresh moves, rhythmic grooves, and how to let loose and enjoy the music. With its urban flavor and lively vibe, Hip-Hop is the perfect way to get moving, grooving, and feeling the beat!

Tap Dance

Tap (ages 5+) is a lively and engaging style that combines classical and progressive techniques! Dancers will learn to create music with their feet, exploring the art of percussion while developing coordination, rhythm, and musicality. With a focus on both traditional and contemporary tap choreography, students will discover the joy of making music with every step. Get ready to tap your way to fun and creativity!


Acro (ages 4+) combines the art of dance with the thrill of acrobatics and gymnastics! This high-energy style builds concentration, balance, flexibility, and control while boosting self-esteem. Dancers learn exciting tricks like headstands, bridges, cartwheels, and more, developing strength and confidence in a fun and supportive environment.


Contemporary (ages 12+) is a dynamic style that fuses technique with creative expression. Dancers explore innovative choreography, discovering their unique voice and style. This fusion of dance styles encourages improvisation, creativity, and self-expression. By embracing fluid movement and artistic freedom, dancers develop their own distinct style and enhance their ability to convey emotion through dance.


Lyrical (ages 9+) is a beautiful fusion of ballet and jazz techniques, creating a fluid and expressive dance style. Lyrical dance is characterized by smooth, graceful movements that are slightly faster than ballet but not as quick as jazz. This style emphasizes storytelling through movement, musicality, and emotional expression. With a focus on fluidity and artistry, Lyrical dancers develop a strong foundation in technique while exploring the beauty of dance.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theater (ages 8+) is your chance to become a triple threat! This exciting class combines dance, acting, and singing, just like on Broadway! Students will learn choreography from hit musicals like "High School Musical", "Hairspray", "Glee", "Legally Blonde", and more. Develop your performance skills, confidence, and stage presence while having a blast singing, dancing, and acting your way through iconic musical numbers. Get ready to shine in the spotlight!

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Just Dance Northumberland Pre-Dance
Hip Hop/Musical Theatre

What Our Clients Say


“By far the BEST dance studio my daughters have danced at. Not only is Tracy a talented dance instructor, but also a wonderful business owner. So grateful we found her!”

Carolyn, Dance Mom

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