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Dance Styles Offered

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We offer a wide range of dance styles.


Pre-Dance is our intro to dance class, available to students ages 2-4.

In this fun and creative class, dancers are introduced to ballet and jazz, as well as classroom etiquette, while developing patience, listening skills, and independence. 


Ballet is the foundation of dance technique and is carried over to most other dance styles. From beginner to advanced classes, students are formally trained while being taught the value of technique, discipline, and honouring tradition. Ballet improves strength, agility, flexibility, and balance, all while increasing the students' focus and body awareness.  Students are taught to use proper posture, poise, and to present themselves in a graceful manner.

Students ages 5 and up. ​


Jazz dance tends to be a faster-paced dance form. It is a great way to improve coordination and cardiovascular health.  Jazz dancers complete warm-up and stretching exercises before working on skills such as leaps, turns, kicks, and jumps.  Jazz is a fun, upbeat class including technique and creativity, all while increasing flexibility, strength and musicality.

Available for dancers age 5 and up.

Hip Hop

This style incorporates street jazz, breaking, pop & lock, and step, with deep African roots.  It is a  high-energy dance experience that is fun for dancers ages 5 and up!

Tap Dance

In this upbeat style, dancers are given exposure to both classical tap dancing and progressive tap choreography. By using the sounds of taps striking the floor, dancers learn the art of percussion as well as dancing. 

For students ages 5 and up. 


Acro is a combination of dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics. This style focuses on concentration, balance, flexibility, control, and self-esteem. Dancers work on a variety of tricks such as head stands, bridges, cartwheels, and more.

Ages 4 and up.