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About Us

Just Dance was created by Tracy Lowe. After relocating to Northumberland in late 2017, she noticed a need for the type of dance center she had to offer.

​An elegant and intimate space with professional, supportive, and friendly personnel. A space where dancers of all ages and abilities would feel comfortable taking the risks that are needed to become the best dancer they can be. Offering weekly classes, workshops, master and celebrity classes, and performance opportunities.  Special events will be available to all dancers in the Northumberland region, not just those at Just Dance. 

In the spring of 2019, the opportunity to expand was presented and Tracy was overjoyed to work with the dancers in Cobourg at the former Twinkletoes Studio for Dance and Performing Arts


Tracy Lowe 

Artistic Director 

Our Story

Just Dance Northumberland first opened its doors in the fall of 2018 in Port Hope Ontario as Just Dance Port Hope.  We had a small but mighty crew and put on an amazing outdoor Gala at the Memorial Park Bandshell, also in Port Hope during the late spring of 2019. At this time we also made the announcement that we would be expanding to Cobourg, and inquiring  Twinkletoes Studio of Performing Arts dancers and their space.

We are Committed to our Dancers.  

Our dance educators play a crucial role in imparting knowledge and skills to our dancers while nurturing their passion for dance. 

They are Expertise in Dance Technique.  They have a strong foundation in various dance styles and techniques and have extensive training and experience in the style they are teaching. 

They are Effective Communicators. Clear communication is key in dance education. Our skilled dance educator can articulate instructions, corrections, and feedback in a way that is easily understandable to dancers of different skill levels and ages. They can adapt their communication style to address the needs of each individual dancer.

They are Adaptable and Flexible. Every dancer is unique, with different learning styles, strengths, and challenges. Our dance educators are flexible and adaptable, capable of adjusting their teaching methods to suit the diverse needs of their dancers.  They are open to trying new approaches and modifying their lesson plans as necessary.

They are Passionate and Enthusiastic.  Their passionate and enthusiastic demeanour is contagious and can inspire dancers to love and excel in dance. Our dance educators exude genuine excitement for the art form and can ignite the same passion in their dancers, creating a motivating and engaging learning environment.

They are Patient and Emphatic. Learning dance can be physically and emotionally demanding. Our patient and empathetic dance educators understand the struggles and challenges dancers may face and provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. They offer constructive criticism while maintaining a positive and nurturing attitude, helping dancers build confidence and overcome obstacles.

Ultimately, our skilled dance educators combine their technical expertise with interpersonal skills to create a learning environment that fosters growth, creativity and a lifelong love for dance.

In 2020, the Port Hope Chamber of Commerce honoured us with their Healthy Workplace award. We pride ourselves on continuing to offer a space where our staff and dance families are able to feel comfortable and healthy. 

Our Dance Educators

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Studio Director & Dance Educator

Ballet, Tap Dance, Adult Dance Classes

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Dance Educator

Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Pre-Acro and Rhythm Works

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Dance Educator

Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Pre-Dance

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Just Fit Fitness Coordinator

Supply Dance Educator

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Dance Educator

Acro Class, Jazz Class, Childrens Pre-Dance

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Dance Educator

Lyrical, Jazz Dance, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre


    Dance Educator

    Ballet, Jazz, Tap Dance, Pre-Dance

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    Costume Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator, Dance Educator

    Our Story
    Our Dance Educators
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