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Julia Derdaele

Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Pre-Acro

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Julia has danced for over 12 years, 10 of those years competitively. She loved the competitive dance experience, and she cherishes the memories and friendships she made as part of that dance community. Her favourite styles to perform are contemporary, jazz, and musical theatre. After her in-studio dance time, she moved into musical theatre.

Julia always loved teaching and dance, so it made sense that she would find a way to combine her two passions. She has a special interest in the creative aspect of dance and choreography.


Julia believes dance has made her the person she is today. In the process of sharing her experiences and passion with other dancers, she hopes to form meaningful connections and relationships. She finds it most rewarding to watch a student master a new skill or step. Even the smallest accomplishments are worth celebrating. She has been inspired by teachers who encouraged her to accept mistakes as part of the learning process and to do her best.


Julia loves teaching contemporary, jazz, and musical theatre. In these styles, she feels she can really build a story with students and push them to use their emotions to perform their routines.


She was thrilled to see her dancers in costume performing on a stage this past year. In spite of challenging circumstances, they persevered and made their performances amazing.


Julia expects her dancers to come to class prepared and focused, ready to work hard. Dance class can be a great escape. Her priority is to develop a respectful relationship with each of her students. She strives to provide a good balance between skill development and fun, so everyone enjoys coming to class.


She especially enjoys working with teens dancers. They usually have experience with and passion for dance and they are fun to challenge and choreograph for. Younger dancers bring curiosity and energy to class that is inspiring.

Julia works hard to provide lessons that are fun and enjoyable for all the dancers in the class and to create a strong dance community that benefits the teachers, the dancers, and their families.

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