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Jordyn Byers

Just Fit Northumberland Coach,

Dance Educator

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Jordyn brings to Just Dance Northumberland 14 years of dance experience and 10 years of competitive dance. Her favourite styles are contemporary and tap.

Jordyn remembers her dance teachers as being very hard working and passionate about what they did. Not only did they teach her the art of dance but many valuable life skills. She looked up to them and was motivated and inspired to be just as hard working and dedicated about anything she chose to take on. She credits them with playing a huge role in her becoming the person she is today.  

Jordyn loved going to conventions such as Jump and Nuvo; she highly recommends that every dancer attend such events. She was offered a spot on the Canadian Tap Team but, unfortunately, she was unable to attend due to Covid.

Jordyn has always been a leader and wants to share her love of dance, fitness, and health with others. Her mother, a teacher, has been a model and inspiration for her.  Jordyn has taught on and off for a couple years at her old studio, assisting with classes and teaching the younger students.

Jordyn’s primary aim as a teacher is to show her students what dance can do for their minds – it can provide a form of meditation and release - and what dance can offer to them outside of the studio. She feels that the best part of teaching dance is seeing students grow as both dancers and people.

Contemporary, tap, hip hop, and jazz are Jordyn’s favourite styles to teach. This is not because she is the most technical dancer, but she has a great ear for music and loves exploring with movement.

Her favourite teaching memories involve watching her students overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

Jordyn expects her dancers to be punctual, and respectful to their teachers, peers, and themselves. She expects them to work hard for the time they are in class, ask questions if they are confused and bring a positive attitude into the studio.

Managing behaviours is an essential part of the teacher’s role in dance class; Jordyn addresses this by setting clear expectations, providing positive reinforcement, and dealing with any issues promptly.

Among her strengths as a teacher, Jordyn includes the following: motivating students, staying patient, being adaptable in class schedules, resolving conflicts, having fun herself, and explaining the reasoning and purposes behind exercises. She is most challenged by ages 5-8 and her favourite age group is 14-16.

She identifies managing diverse skill levels in the class and addressing individual learning styles as her biggest challenges. To develop herself professionally, she is working to improve and freshen up on terminology and the latest teaching methodologies.

Jordyn strongly believes that dance is so much more than just the physical act. It develops lifelong friendships, dedication, passion, teamwork, exploration, time management, commitment, social skills, and provides a release of stress, anger and sadness. For all these reasons, Jordyn highly recommends dance for everyone!

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