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Birthday Party 

What should guests wear?

Guests are asked to wear comfortable clothing and barefeet. Outdoor footwear is not allowed in our studios.

What is the timing for a party?

Our front room, Studio A, is where the dancing will happen. Your host will lead guests in a 45 to 60 minute dance lesson. After that, guests will go to Studio B. This is the part of the party that the parent will look after. This is a great time for pizza, cake, presents, and maybe even a craft. (45 to 60 mins) Once this protion is compleat, guests will go back to Studio A for more dancing and games.

How are the rooms set up?

Studio A will be left open for dancing and fun. Studio B will have 2 tables with chairs for eatting/crafting. As well as one for setting up food and/or supplies. All tables will have clothes. Any decorations can be added for a small fee or you are welcome to provide your own.

What time will the studio open?

The studio will open 30 minutes before your scheduled time to all for setup and organzing.

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