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Jaden Brough

Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Acro

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Jaden has danced for 22 years; her favourite styles are contemporary, jazz, and hip hop.

She was inspired by her aunt, a professional dance performer as well as a competitive instructor at the studio where Jaden danced. She conveyed to Jaden the importance of technique and skills, but also the artistry and passion that is dance.

Jaden danced nationally and internationally at a competitive level for over 16 years and won industry awards and scholarships for workshops and schools in Canada and America. She had a lead role in a professional performance called 'The Musical Firefighter', and has performed in several Charity Galas for the Hospital for Sick Children and Make a Wish Foundation as well as in local art shows and cabarets.

At age 16, she was given her first opportunity to teach dance, and she was hooked. She wanted her students to learn that dance can not only be an outlet for emotions but also be a way to learn, grow and develop new skills. She has been teaching for over 8 years.

Jaden believes that one of the best parts of teaching dance is being able to witness a student successfully execute a trick or step that they have been working on for a long time. Jaden truly enjoys watching students put all their efforts and emotions into the on-stage performances she has choreographed for them.

Jaden loves the technical and emotional aspects of jazz and helping students understand the fine balance between technique and performance. She also enjoys that with contemporary dance (for the most part) there are no rules. The teacher and students can feel free to let go in innovative ways, prompted by improvisation, story telling and emotions.

Jaden’s favourite memories as a teacher reflect the strong personal connections and relationships that develop between the teacher and students.

As a teacher, Jaden expects her dancers to come to class prepared and ready to learn.

Jaden feels that she is well rounded and confident with numerous styles of dance, and she can use her knowledge to offer ways to overcome confusion or solve problems in class.

Professionally, Jaden continues to develop her choreography skills and techniques to help students understand and execute routines more easily.

Jaden feels honoured and proud to be doing something she loves for a living.

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