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Dance Competition Checklist: Your Ultimate Guide to Dance Competition Success

Stepping onto the competition floor is an exhilarating experience for dancers, whether it's your first time or your 80th. To ensure that you're fully prepared to shine under the spotlight, we've put together the ultimate Dance Competition Checklist. This comprehensive list covers everything you need to bring, from essentials to those often overlooked items. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer, make sure you have this checklist on hand to guarantee a flawless performance.

Dancers on stage at a competition

Questions to Personalize Your Checklist:

  1. What type of dance are you competing in?

  • Different dance styles may require specific accessories or attire. Knowing the style can help tailor the checklist to your needs.

  1. How many days is the competition?

  • If the event spans multiple days, you might need extra costumes, more food and snacks, and additional personal items.

  1. Do you have any specific pre-performance rituals or necessities?

  • Some dancers have unique rituals or preferences before hitting the stage. Include any specific items or practices that help you feel confident and prepared.

  1. Are you travelling to the competition venue?

  • If so, consider including travel essentials like toiletries, travel-sized sewing kits, and anything else you may need while away from home.

  1. Have you checked the competition guidelines and rules?

  • Make sure you're aware of any specific rules or requirements set by the competition organizers. This might include dress code, music formats, or specific documentation.

  1. Will there be downtime between performances?

  • If there are breaks between your performances, pack entertainment or relaxation items to stay focused and energized.

Now, let's dive into the Dance Competition Checklist:

  1. Costumes:

  • All costumes needed for each performance.

  • Spare costume pieces in case of emergencies (like tights)

  • Accessories such as shoes, hats, or props.

  1. Personal Items:

  • Dance shoes and extra pairs if necessary.

  • Hair and makeup supplies.

  • Personal hygiene items (deodorant, hair spray, etc.).

  • Towels for quick touch-ups.

  1. Travel Essentials:

  • If travelling, pack all necessary toiletries and personal items.

  • A small sewing kit for any last-minute costume adjustments.

  1. Nutrition:

  • Healthy snacks to keep your energy up.

  • Water and electrolyte drinks to stay hydrated.

  • A well-balanced meal for sustained energy.

  1. Technology:

  • Fully charged devices for music playback.

  • Backup copies of your music on different devices.

  • Charging cables and power banks.

  1. Documentation:

  • Your dance competition registration details.

  • Identification and any required paperwork.

  1. Entertainment and Relaxation:

  • Books, music, or other entertainment for downtime.

  • Items for relaxation, such as stretching bands or massage tools.

By customizing this checklist based on your individual needs and preferences, you'll be well-prepared for a successful and enjoyable dance competition experience. Remember, confidence is key, and being prepared ensures you can focus on what you do best – dancing your heart out!

We have up together a checklist for you. Download it below.

Dance Comp Check List from Just Dance Northumberland
Download PDF • 70KB

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